Just like a high-tech space suit protects you from the adverse environment of space, we provide usage-based comprehensive insurance cover through an easy-to-use mobile application - to protect you and your car when you are on the road or your car is parked somewhere.

Scafander is the next generation marketplace for usage-based  insurance policies (UBI-s) with a patented business model in the US and EU that let's you compare the insurance offers of different comprehensive insurance companies.

Scafander seamlessly integrates to your daily driving routine monitoring your driving habits, making sure you only pay when you use your car. Scafander makes a difference between times when your car is rolling on the streets or stationery, making sure you pay less, when there is significantly less chance for any insurance event to occur.

For your maximum comfort, you can run Scafander on auto-pilot, so we always choose the best available insurance offer for you - or you are free to manage your car insurance policies on-the-fly, whenever you want.